🎉 Welcome Beta testers! 🎉

Jason here with a dev update!

We are excited to be releasing quite a few updates to Quicc over the next few weeks, with our first major overhaul today! 🤩 I will be highlighting the changes the entire team has been working hard to get into your hands to test and share any final bugs that need to be squished. Our philosophy with the Beta is to get 95% of the issues out of the way and let you tell us where the "edge cases" or unique circumstances create issues. If you find a bug, let us know here in the little chat box in the lower right! (That way 👉)

🌟 What's New - May 2019

- Faster Transcription & Embedding Captions! (Now running 360% faster! 5 minute video averages < 2 min to transcribe & < 2 min to finalize captions!)

- New Caption Engine with advanced settings for editing the look of your captions including: 

  • New fonts to choose from (more added in the future)
  • Text editing controls, size, color, alignment, bold, italic
  • Padding controls for adjusting placement of text (keeping the Top & Bottom for now)
  • Background styles (None, Word Outline, and Full square background)
  • Shadow settings (Not applicable on Full background)

-  New Presets to get started with a style quickly on your edits! We have several variations to show off our caption engine! We hope to expand this to allow for saving your own, and sharing in the future! 

- New Live Preview of your caption style while editing your transcript & while setting up your style.

- Video Management page automatically updates when your videos are done "Transcribing" or "Finalizing" now!  If it doesn't update within 10 minutes, your video has encountered an error on our end and you will need to re-upload. Failed videos won't count against quotas. 

- General usability and bug fixes for mobile devices and views. 

🔮 What's Coming Next... 

Teams, Dropbox Integration, New Languages, and so much more!

We believe that everyone's story has value and should be heard. That's why we love seeing your videos! If you want to send them to us, or just tag us in your social media of choice, we will take the time to watch your video and perhaps even share it on our channels! Here is where you can find us online:

Facebook: Link
Instagram: @quicc_app
Twitter: @QuiCC_app
LinkedIn: Link

That's all for now!


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