Don't mind us, just squashing bugs that you are bring to our attention! Thank you!

Here is what we have found, squashed, and just pushed live in v.1.1.6

Help Button in Navigation - Now links to our page with these Articles, and live chat! - used to open email to us.

New Download & SRT icons - Were somewhat confusing in the Video Management page so we updated them to more standard icons. - used to be gross, now pretty! 

🐛 Fixed random Unicode "fl" showing up in transcript - Making sure your transcript data didn't mess up your final video with some non-standard Unicode formatting. - caused "fl" to show up in transcripts, thanks Nick Gulino!

🐛 Ready to Edit & Download icon not clickable - Fixed the auto-refresh on video management page not allowing these buttons to be clickable without manual refresh. -  they didn't work, now they do!

Thank you all for your input, this is exactly what the Beta Window is aimed at! While we may not be perfect, we want to make sure you see the updates and have a good level of transparency with our work!



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