Hola! Hallo! Bonjour! Caio! 여보세요 Hello! Olá!

If you can read any of the above, we have you well covered for transcribing in your language!

We see the best accuracy with clear speakers using high-quality audio. If you are seeing a decrease in accuracy, these areas are specifically important in non-English languages.

For those who are curious, we support the following languages and accents.

English (UK, US, Australia)

  • Spanish (US, EU)

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • French (Canada, EU)

  • Italian

  • German

  • Korean

To transcribe in another language, be sure the video's audio is in that language you select, and choose the appropriate language on the upload new file pop up.

We hope to expand this list as we grow, please let us know which language you would like to see next! 

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