Welcome to the most sought after information for any software that you want to use to grow your business or make your life easier! 🤣 All joking aside, we believe that Quicc brings enormous value to all our users which is why we give all new accounts 5 minutes for free the first month! (All accounts are created as Free Accounts to begin).

🎉  Free - one-time 5 minutes for absolutely nothing!
🥉  Newcomer - 10 minutes for $12/mo or $129/yr  (as low as $1.08/min)
🥈  Growth - 35 minutes for $30/mo or $324/yr  (as low as $0.77/min)
🥇  Producer - 80 minutes for $65/mo or $699/yr (as low as $0.73/min)
🏢  Enterprise - Got a team of creators spending way too much time editing? Let's talk.

If you have any questions, we are here to help!🥈

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