We know your content is being shared around the world and we have users from 100+ countries now using Quicc, this is why we give you tools to reach your global audience with their (and your) language of choice.

An important note here: These language options allow for transcription from a spoken language to written text. We currently do not offer translation as a core service.

To make sure that your video has the language you want to use, the number one thing to remember is to select the language that you desire BEFORE you start uploading your video.

1. Click on “Upload New File” to select the language you prefer.

2. Click on the arrow down in the Transcription Language options.

3. There you'll see 11 languages and accents we support.

After selecting the language of your choice, then you can upload your video. This works the same on your mobile, too.

We now support languages and accents  in:

  • English (UK, US, Australia)

  • Spanish (US, EU)

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • French (Canada, EU)

  • Italian

  • German

  • Korean

This current list can only get longer as development in adding more is definitely considered. Harry Potter's Parseltongue? We might need a magic wand for that. ✨

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