As a revolutionary automatic captioning engine, Quicc has sequenced its process in a way that completing a project is quick and easy.

Here are the different status cards in Quicc's Video Management:

1. Uploading- is the transferring of your video file from your device to the Quicc portal. Uploads are currently limited to 1GB. For best results please upload videos in .mp4 format with H.264 codec.

2. Transcribing- After the video is uploaded, Quicc will transcribe your captions based on the language that you selected. We support the following languages and accents: English (UK, US, Australia), Spanish (US, EU), Brazilian Portuguese, French (Canada, EU), Italian, German, and Korean.

3. Editing- is the stage in the process that allows you to polish the captions created after they are transcribed. You can check for errors in spelling and grammar, choose the font format you want to use in your video, and edit the transcript timing of the captions in the video.

4. Finalizing- Once transcribing and editing are done, and you have edited your captions to the format that you want, videos go through the finalizing status to create a downloadable file.

5. Downloading- A green download button next to your video file means that it is ready to be downloaded and saved on your device. Click on the button and your final video should make its way to you. 

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