Here’s what Quicc Gen3 has in store for you, the most powerful tool for your video strategy! With this revamped superpower, your team won't believe how you can create so many video clips of the perfect moments in seconds.

Find exactly what you want in a mountain of content and deliver quick (😉) clips of content from a video or library of videos in seconds, not days.

1. On the Dashboard tab and you’ll see a search bar, type in the keywords you remember from your content or transcripts. (This lessens the time you spend on looking for the videos one by one).

2. Press “Enter”. (Choose and select from the following video results which best fits the content you’re looking for.)

Note: You can always select the filter you would like to filter the search results.

3. You will be routed to the transcript editor window where you can edit your transcripts.

4. On the Transcript Editor window, create a clip by adjusting the blue time bar to select a segment of your video for repurposing or you can simply click on a transcript you wish to save as a clip.

5. Then click on “Save Clip”.

Once you’re done editing your transcripts and have burned in your captions. You can look for your final clip under the Dashboard tab.

This feature will be available for Quicc Pro Plan. For more support. please contact us and we'll be glad to help.

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