This may be our biggest update ever. 🤯

Today we are taking a huge leap forward in Quicc, and rolling out the core infrastructure for fully searchable video libraries. This has been underway for the last year and today we start rolling out Early Access to many of you! Enough of the hype, here is what's new:

Once you get your Early Access, a brand new search bar is now visible and accessible on the right side of the screen on:

  • Video Management Page

  • Edit Transcript Page

  • New Search/Clip Pages

👉 Search Filters are based on the video file and it’s status: either All Videos by default or the Burned-In (Captioned Videos) so you can quickly sort by the type of video you want to clip. **Can be collapsed with the icon to the left of filter.

Search bar results are based off of each word in the query. We then rank the words and display the most relevant results. So if you search [ iPhone came out ] you will get results for “iPhone” “came” and “out” and any transcript they appear in individually. A next iteration will allow you to search a phrase “iPhone came out” and only find that phrase.

For more details and a full walkthrough of Search, get started here:

👉 Video Management Changes

  • We have added two tabs to the Video Management page that separate your uploaded videos “Videos” and the clips that are created from clipping a searched video “Clips”

  • It’s important to note that we don’t count any created clips in the minutes available to each account. We only count minutes when content is uploaded into your account.

New Clipping Workflow

  • Once you find exactly what you are looking for in a video you can save that with our new clipping feature. This allows you to quickly save these as individual videos to use wherever you need!

  • Saving a Clip is available for only Growth & Producer Plans and the new Pro Plan

👉 Slashes in Transcript

- Slashes are used to indicate the separation of each visible line in the transcript so you can see what will be visible if you burn in captions on a clip of a video. There are some shortcuts to selecting the chunk of the video you want to clip by interacting with these slashes within the transcript preview:

- Left Click a slash to set the clip start time. (keeping the clip duration size)

- Shift + Left Click a slash to change the clip duration and set the end time.

I am personally very excited to share this with all of you! We will email you & notify you in app once your account has been granted Early Access to these features. Once early access is enabled on your account you will be able to see the search icon and get started! 💯

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