As of Nov. 12, 2020 all of your Quicc videos that have been uploaded since Nov 1, 2019 and any newly uploaded videos are now fully searchable! 🥳

Search is a game changing feature that allows you find any content in your library and create a clip of that parent video in seconds. Here are some examples:

  • Create YouTube teaser clips from a key topic
  • Find quotes from Keynotes & course content
  • Grab a montage of every "Friday tip" for the last year
  • Scale your video content publishing process in a fraction of the time

Search is enabled on all accounts and is available as a pop-out sidebar on the right hand side of the screen. You can find this on the Video Management Page, or while editing any video transcript.

2. Select Filters

Filters will expand with future updates - by default we will search all of your videos. If you need to narrow a search to only videos that have been captioned (burned in & finalized) you can select that box and we will show only videos that have gone through the finalization process and are ready to download.

* Videos are indexed (made searchable) as soon as they are finished transcribing. If a corrected or saved edits to a transcript exist we will use the most accurate version in the search results. New videos take about 2 minutes (often shorter) to index and be visible in the search results.

3. Search for a phrase or keyword that was spoken in the video.
Just type in what you are looking for in the search bar and click Search! We search each word individually at the moment and rank the results according to how relevant they are to the phrase you are searching for.

* This means we will include results with only one of the words you type. "new iphone ten" will result in "new" + "iphone" + "ten" being returned in results.  

4. Choose a result to save a clip!

Once you have found the result you are interested in - you can click through and it will load that part of the video into our new clipping tool!

For plans that have clipping enabled (our Growth, Producer, & Pro plans) you can then save a clip and edit it with or without captions though our transcript editor.

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